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  • Our Teachers Make Learning Fun


    We have learned that the teacher's ability to motivate a student is critical to the success of the student.

    Most of our teachers have or are pursuing degrees in music. Most of our instructors perform regularly in various musical groups in the Naperville area. All of our teachers are dedicated and committed to showing students the joy and fun of taking lessons and of making music.

    Because of our large staff of teachers, our enrollment consolers are able to match your student's experience and ability with an appropriate instructor.In addition to their education and experience, every member of our teaching staff has also completed our own proprietary training program which ensures that all of our instructors are able to meet the needs and expectations of the students and parents who have selected us as their source for private music instruction.

    Our teachers must be both inspirational and effective as they teach music to our students. We want the students to have fun, but they must also learn. Each member of our teaching staff is dedicated to meeting these goals. In addition to our teaching staff, our administrative staff is always ready to help students and parents at any time.

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